The Adventures of a Young Swiss in California : The Gold Rush Account of Theophile De Rutte
by Theophile De Rutte
LB, Price $40.00

Anisett Lundberg: California, 1851 (American Diaries, No 3)
by Kathleen Duey
PB, List: $4.50— Price: $4.05

Apron Full of Gold: The Letters of Mary Jane Megquier from San Francisco 1849-1856
by Polly Welts Kaufman (Editor)
PB, Price: $15.95

Bacon & Beans from a Gold Pan
by George Hoeper as told by Jesse Coffey
HC, List: $ Price: $11.95

Bright Gem of the Western Seas: California, 1846-1852: Early Recollections of the Mines, Tulare Plains, Life in California: A Report of the Tulare
by Horatio Derby, James H. Carson
PB, 224 pages, Price: $12.95

The Buckeye Rovers in the Gold Rush: An Edition of Two Diaries
Edited by H. Lee Scamehorn, Edwin P. Banks, and Jamie Lytle-Webb
HC, List: $ Price: $24.95

California Gold Rush : Diary of Charles H. Harvey February 12-November 12, 1852
by Charles H. Harvey
HC, Price: $24.95

Death Valley in ’49
by William L. Manly
PB, List $30.95— Price: $30.95

A Doctor's Gold Rush Journey to California
by Israel Shipman Pelton Lord, Necia Dixon Lies (Editor), Necia D. Liles (Editor)
PB, 452 pages, List: $17.95, Price: $16.15

The Experiences of a Forty-Niner in California (The Far Western Frontier)
by Charles D. Ferguson, Frederick T. Wallace
HC, List: $19.00— Price: $19.00

'Exterminate Them' : Written Accounts of the Murder, Rape and Enslavement of Native Americans During the California Gold Rush, 1848-1868
by Clifford E. Trafzer (Editor), Joel R. Hyer (Editor)
PB, 220 pages, List: $22.95, Price:$18.36

Frontier Lady Recollections of the Gold Rush and Early California
by Sarah Royce
PB, 144 pages, List: $7.95— Price: $7.15

The Gold Discovery Journal of Azariah Smith
by Azariah Smith, David L. Bigler
HC, Price: $17.95

Gold Rush: Letters from Doctor James Delevan from California to the Adrian Michigan Expositer 1850-1856
by James Delevan
HC, Price $10.00 + .85 special surcharge

How Many Miles from St. Jo: The Log of Sterling B.F. Clark, a Forty-Niner
by Sterling B.F. Clark
HC, List: $12.95— Price: $12.95

Journal of the Adventures of a Party of California Gold Seekers
by Margaret A. Frink
HC, List: $16.95— Price: $16.95

A Journey to California in 1849
by William C. Smith
HC, List: $14.95— Price: $14.95

Nuggets from Forty-Nine: An Account of Pike County Men in the Gold Rush
by Owen Hannant
PB, Price: $9.95 + $0.85 special surcharge

Overland to California With the Pioneer Line: The Gold Rush Diary of Bernard J. Reid
Mary McDougall Gordon (Ed)
PB, 247 pages, Price: $14.95

Shirley Letters
by Louise Clappe
PB, Price: $14.95

Thirty Years Ago : 1849-1879: Gold Rush Memories of a Daguerreotype Artist
by George D. Dornin, Peter Palmquist (Editor)
PB, 68 pages, Price: $14.95

A Year of Mud and Gold : San Francisco in Letters and Diaries, 1849-1850
by William Benemann (Editor)
HC, 264 Pages, List: $29.95, Price: $23.96