The City Hotel

The City Hotel was founded by George Morgan in July of 1854 when he purchased this lot and its frame building from I. P. and J. Yaney. The building burned to the ground ten days later. Clearing the site, Morgan immediately began construction of another frame structure for use as a saloon. In April of 1856, he began the construction of a two-story brick building, measuring twenty-four by fifty-four feet, for his Ale House and Billiard Saloon. The fire of 1857 destroyed this building completely, resulting in a $5,000 loss. Morgan was not one to give up; however, and he proceeded to rebuild on an even larger scale. Completed in October of 1857, this beautiful two-story brick building was first known as the “What Cheer House.” It contained “twenty sleeping apartments, a large office, bar, sitting room, dining room, etc.” A spacious hall on the second floor was used for theatrical and concert performances. The name of the building was changed to the City Hotel at some later date and eventually closed down, abandoned. It was completely restored in 1975 and has since resumed it previous purpose, providing shelter and cheer to travelers in need of either.

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