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      The California Gold Country: Highway 49 Revisited is a combination history/travel guide/coffee table picture book devoted entirely to the old mining camps located on or nearabouts California State Highway 49. It is an oversized book, approximately 240 pages long, and available in a softcover and a hardcover version. It begins with an introduction relating Marshallís discovery of gold on the South Fork of the American River, the manner in which the news spread across the continent, and the results of that news.
      The book then focuses on the surviving Gold Rush mining camps that still contain historical sites; old buildings, mining artifacts, monuments, markers &c. The history of these towns is given, including information on how the camps were founded, their early citizens, who built what, where, and when. But the most important part of the book concerns the remaining artifacts and buildings left for visitors to tour today.
      Some 266 full color, up-to-date color photographs of the historical buildings and mining sites are provided, with directions on how to find them. Many times youíll see a picture in an old book of a particular building, but when you try to find that site, itís gone. Each of the sites noted in this book are still there, many looking much the same as they did when first built.
      Also included are many old photographs from the days of gold, which provide us with an interesting window to times long past. These black and white photographs are presented through the courtesy of the many fine museums and historical societies located about the Mother Lode. Be sure to check our listing of museums, and to visit them when you get the chance.

Softcover edition: (ISBN#0-938121-12-X)$19.95
Hardcover edition: (ISBN#0-938121-11-1)$34.95
California residents please add 7 3/4% sales tax
Shipping and handling$ 4.00

If youíre interested in ordering a copy, feel free to email if you have any further questions. Or, just drop me a note, along with your shipping address and a check made out to:

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