California Cards - Gold Rush Postcards

      California Cards is a collection of historical Gold Rush illustrations, recreated as a series of modern day postcards. The series consists of 20 different black and white images printed on standard size postcard stock, and are ready to be written and mailed, or kept as a souvenir of the California Gold Rush.
      The images reproduced here are all well over 100 years old, coming from contemporary newspapers, weeklies, lithographs, and original California pictorial letter sheets. They depict various scenes from the gold mines, including mining methods, stock certificates, locales and miners.
      Many of the artists responsible for these images actually came to California to search for gold, but after arriving in the mines found that the gold wasn't as easy to find as they'd been led to believe. Fortunately, talent often paid better than a mining claim, allowing those with it to make a better living drawing pictures than their fellow prospectors were making by panning for gold.

Hydraulic Mining in California Hydraulic'n in the Mines Johann Augustus Sutter The California Prospector
A California Mining Scene A Friendly Visitor A Mining Operation Chinese Miners Fort Sutter
Gold Washing in the Sierra Nevada Suppertime Honest Gold and Silver Mining Co. Stock Certificate How the California Mines Are Worked Miners at Work with the Long Tom
Miners Cabin by the American River Miners Weighing Their Gold Roughing It Springfield Cal 1853 Wash and Wear Working a California Claim
To order a complete, 20 card set of California Cards, please send $5.00 plus $1.00 shipping, to the address below. California residents please add 39 cents sales tax. Paypal is also accepted at:
Malakoff & Co.  POBox 755  La Habra, Ca 90633-0755

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