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Here you will find books relating to the California Gold Rush and all that implies; books describing the various routes to California, what the argonauts found when they arrived and what happened to them while they were “in the mines.” In addition to these historical works, Gold Country travel guides and fictional pieces are also offered about these pages.

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Gold Rush History
First Hand Accounts
Travel Guides
Virginia City
The Donner Party

Gold Rush History TOP
Buy!  After the Gold Rush: Society in Grass Valley and Nevada City, California, 1849-1870 by Ralph Mann
Buy!  Along the Gold Rush Trail by Gail Wilson Kenna
Buy!  Art of the Gold Rush by Janice Tolhurst Driesbach
Buy!  The Bandit Joaquin; An Orphaned Mexican's Search for the California Gold Rush by Don Gwaltney
Buy!  Blacks in Gold Rush California by Rudolph M. Lapp, Richard M. Lapp
Buy!  The Buckeye Rovers in the Gold Rush : An Edition of Two Diaries by H. Lee Scamehorn (Editor), Edwin P. Banks, Jamie Lytle-Webb (Editor)
Buy!  The California Gold Rush by May McNeer
Buy!  The California Gold Rush : A Guide to the California Gold Rush by Eugene R. Hart
Buy!  The California Gold Rush (Cornerstones of Freedom) by Richard Conrad Stein
Buy!  The California Gold Rush Trail (Pathways of America)/#GA1502 by Lynda Hatch, Kathryn R. Marlin (Illustrator)
Buy!  The California Gold Rush (World History Series) by Tom Ito
Buy!  California Gold Rush: Search for Treasure by Catherine E. Chambers
Buy!  The California Gold Rush in American History by Linda Jacobs Altman
Buy!  California Indians and the Gold Rush by Clifford E. Trafzer
Buy!  Contested Eden : California Before the Gold Rush (California History Sesquicentennial Series) by Ramon A. Gutierrez (Editor), Richard J. Orsi (Editor)
Buy!  Days of Gold: The California Gold Rush and the American Nation by Malcolm J. Rohrbough
Buy!  Days of Gold: Songs of the California Gold Rush by Karen W. Arlen, Margaret Batt, Mary Ann Benson, Nancie N. Kester
Buy!  Digger: The Tragic Fate of the California Indians from the Missions to the Gold Rush by Jerry Stanley
Buy!  Fiddletown: From Gold Rush to Rediscovery by Elaine Zorbas
Buy!  Gold: Being the Marvellous History of General John Augustus Sutter by Nina Rootes (Translator), Blaise Bendrars
Buy!  Gold: The Saga of the Empire Mine, 1850-1956 by F.W., Jr McQuiston, Charles Steinfeld (Editor)
Buy!  The Gold Seekers: Gold, Ghosts, and Legends from Carolina to California by Nancy Roberts
Buy!  The Golden Dream: California from Gold Rush to Statehood by Kerry Drager (Photographer), Charles Fracchia (Contributor)
Buy!  The Gold Rush of 1849: Staking a Claim in California (Spotlight on American History) by Arthur Blake, Pamela Dailey
Buy!  A Golden State : Mining and Economic Development in Gold Rush California (California History Sesquicentennial Series, 2) by James J. Rawls (Editor), Richard J. Orsi (Editor), Marlene Smith-Baranzini
Buy!  Life During the Gold Rush (The Way People Live) by Victoria Sherrow
Buy!  Prophets and Paupers: Religion in the California Gold Rush 1848-1869 by Harland E. Hogue
Buy!  Roaring Camp : The Social World of the California Gold Rush by Susan Lee Johnson
Buy!  Rush for Riches : Gold Fever and the Making of California by J. S. Holliday
Buy!  Ships of the California Gold Rush by Martin P. Riegel
Buy!  Silver & Gold: Cased Images of the California Gold Rush Drew Heath Johnson (Ed)
Buy!  Same as above, but Paper Back
Buy!  Story of the California Gold Rush Coloring Book by Peter Copeland
Buy!  Striking It Rich: The Story of the California Gold Rush by Stephen Krensky, Anna Divito (Illustrator)
Buy!  Tarnished Gold: Prejudice During the California Gold Rush by Winifred Storrs Hill
Buy!  They Saw the Elephant: Women in the California Gold Rush by Joann Levy
Buy!  To California by Sea: A Maritime History of the California Gold Rush by James P. Delgado
Buy!  To the Golden Shore: America Goes to California-1849 by Peter Browning (Editor)
Buy!  Volunteer Forty-Niners: Tennesseans and the California Gold Rush by Walter T. Durham
Buy!  Women's Voices from the Mother Lode : Tales from the California Gold Rush by Susan G. Butruille, Kathleen Petersen (Illustrator), Kathleen B. Peterson (Illustrator)
Buy!  Woodleaf Legacy : The Story of a California Gold Rush Town by Rosemarie Mossinger, Jean Chapman (Editor)
Buy!  The World Rushed In: The California Gold Rush Experience by J.S. Holliday
Buy!  A World Transformed : Firsthand Accounts of California Before the Gold Rush by Joshua Paddison (Editor)

First Hand Accounts TOP
Buy!  The Adventures of a Young Swiss in California : The Gold Rush Account of Theophile De Rutte by Theophile De Rutte
Buy!  Anisett Lundberg: California, 1851 (American Diaries, No 3) by Kathleen Duey
Buy!  Apron Full of Gold: The Letters of Mary Jane Megquier from San Francisco 1849-1856 by Polly Welts Kaufman (Editor)
Buy!  Bacon & Beans from a Gold Pan Read Review! by George Hoeper as told by Jesse Coffey
Buy!  Bright Gem of the Western Seas: California, 1846-1852: Early Recollections of the Mines, Tulare Plains, Life in California: A Report of the Tulare by Horatio Derby, James H. Carson
Buy!  The Buckeye Rovers in the Gold Rush: An Edition of Two Diaries Read Review! Edited by H. Lee Scamehorn, Edwin P. Banks, and Jamie Lytle-Webb
Buy!  California Gold Rush : Diary of Charles H. Harvey February 12-November 12, 1852 by Charles H. Harvey
Buy!  Death Valley in ’49 by William L. Manly
Buy!  A Doctor's Gold Rush Journey to California by Israel Shipman Pelton Lord, Necia Dixon Lies (Editor), Necia D. Liles (Editor)
Buy!  The Experiences of a Forty-Niner in California (The Far Western Frontier) by Charles D. Ferguson, Frederick T. Wallace
Buy!  'Exterminate Them' : Written Accounts of the Murder, Rape and Enslavement of Native Americans During the California Gold Rush, 1848-1868 by Clifford E. Trafzer (Editor), Joel R. Hyer (Editor)
Buy!  Frontier Lady Recollections of the Gold Rush and Early California by Sarah Royce
Buy!  The Gold Discovery Journal of Azariah Smith by Azariah Smith, David L. Bigler
Buy!  Gold Rush: Letters from Doctor James Delevan from California to the Adrian Michigan Expositer 1850-1856 by James Delevan
Buy!  How Many Miles from St. Jo: The Log of Sterling B.F. Clark, a Forty-Niner by Sterling B.F. Clark
Buy!  Journal of the Adventures of a Party of California Gold Seekers by Margaret A. Frink
Buy!  A Journey to California in 1849 by William C. Smith
Buy!  Nuggets from Forty-Nine: An Account of Pike County Men in the Gold Rush by Owen Hannant
Buy!  Overland to California With the Pioneer Line: The Gold Rush Diary of Bernard J. Reid Mary McDougall Gordon (Ed)
Buy!  Shirley Letters by Louise Clappe
Buy!  Thirty Years Ago : 1849-1879: Gold Rush Memories of a Daguerreotype Artist by George D. Dornin, Peter Palmquist (Editor)
Buy!  A Year of Mud and Gold : San Francisco in Letters and Diaries, 1849-1850 by William Benemann (Editor)

Biography TOP
Buy!  Bret Harte: Prince and Pauper by Axel Nissen

Travel Guides TOP
Buy!  The Best of the Gold Country: A Complete, Witty and Remarkably Useful Guide to California's Sierra Foothills and Historic Sacramento. by Betty Woo Martin, Don Martin
Buy!  California Gold Country in a Nutshell by Leslie & Ben
Buy!  California’s Gold Rush Country: A Guide to the Best of the Mother Lode by Barbara Braasch
Buy!  Complete Gold Country Guidebook by Baljeet Sangwan
Buy!  Early Mining Days - California Gold Country: The Story Behind the Scenery by Stanley W. Paher
Buy!  Golden Hills of California, vol. II by Allan Masri
Buy!  Historic Inns of California's Gold Country Cookbook and Guide by Joyce C. Mandeville
Buy!  Historic Sites of the California Mother Lode by Gil Richards
Buy!  Inns & Wineries of California's Gold Country Cookbook & Guide by Susen E. Foster
Buy!  The Mother Lode : A Celebration of California's Gold Country by Charles Moore
Buy!  Northern California Gold Country : The Yuba Feather & Bear Rivers by Marjorie B. Giles, David N. Giles (Illustrator)
Buy!  The Pelican Guide to Sacramento and the Gold Country by Faren Bachelis
Buy!  Travelers Guide to Pioneer Jewish Cemeteries of the California Gold Rush by Susan Morris

Fiction TOP
Buy!  The Ballad of Lucy Whipple by Karen Cushman
Buy!  Bret Harte's Gold Rush: Outcasts of Poker Flat, the Luck of Roaring Camp, Tennessee's Partner, & Other Favorites by Bret Harte
Buy!  By the Great Horn Spoon by Sid Fleischman, Eric Von Schmidt (Illustrator)
Buy!  Carrie's Gold (American Dreams)by Cheryl Zach
Buy!  Daughter of Joy: A Novel of Gold Rush San Francisco by JoAnn Levy

Virginia City TOP
Buy!  Editor on the Comstock Lode by Wells Drury
Buy!  Gold Diggers and Silver Miners: Prostitution and Social Life on the Comstock Lode by Marion S. Goldman
Buy!  A Kid on the Comstock: Reminiscences of a Virginia City Childhood by John Taylor Waldorf
Buy!  Mark Twain: His Life in Virginia City, Nevada by George, III Williams
Buy!  Mark Twain in Virginia City by Paul Fatout
Buy!  Red Shirts and Leather Helmets: Volunteer Fire Fighting on the Comstock Lode by Steve Frady
Buy!  The Redlight Ladies of Virginia City, Nevada by George, III Williams
Buy!  Silver Hillside: the Life and Times of Virginia City by Barbara Richnak

The Donner Party TOP
Buy!  Across the Plains in the Donner Party by Virginia Reed Murphy, James Reed, Karen Zeinert (Editor), Patricia Reed Murphy
Buy!  Across the Plains in the Donner Party: 1846-1847 by Virginia R. Murphy
Buy!  The Donner Party (poetry) by George Keithley
Buy!  History of the Donner Party: A Tragedy of the Sierra by George H. Hinkle (Editor), Charles F. McGlashan
Buy!  Ordeal by Hunger: The Story of the Donner Party by George R. Stewart
Buy!  Patty Reed’s Doll: The Story of the Donner Party by Rachel K. Laurgaard
Buy!  Snowbound: The Tragic Story of the Donner Party by David Lavender
Buy!  Survival: A Novel of the Donner Partyby K.C. McKenna
Buy!  Unfortunate Emigrants: Narratives of the Donner Party by Kristin Johnson (Editor)
Buy!  Winter of Entrapment: A New Look at the Donner Party by Jo King

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