Mountain Ranch

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Town History

      Originally known as El Dorado Camp, the town’s name was changed in 1868 when the post office was moved here from the original Mountain Ranch, which was located one mile away on Whiskey Slide Road.
      Little is known of El Dorado Camp’s early history. It was apparently named after a local sawmill which must have been a busy operation, located in the midst of some fine stands of tall timber. The early day miners in the district suffered from a lack of water during the dry season, until a ditch was cut to supply water year-round. After its completion, the area enjoyed a small measure of success before the placers gave out. The town reached its peak during the 1870’s, as due to its location on the main road between the railhead at Valley Springs and the nearby mining camp of Sheepranch, it became the major trading center for the miners in the region.
      Mountain Ranch is located nine miles from San Andreas via Mountain Ranch Road.

Travelers' Tips

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