Mining Life in California
Miners at Work
Hut of a California Miner
Gold Digging in California
Occupation for Rainy Days
A Pleasant Surprise
Miners Weighing Their Gold
Miners Preparing Their Food
Miners Washing Their Clothing
Chinese Miners
Lady's Claim!

Gold Diggings in California
California Gold Rush Mining Towns Photographed by Alma Lavenson, 1930-1968 Forest Hill, Placer County, 1857
The Gold Diggings on the Mokelumne River
The Gold Region of Upper California
Grass Valley Diggings
A "Claim" in California
View of Boston Ravine, Grass Valley
The Yankees House at Hang Town

Scenes in the Gold Diggings
Sutter's Mill
Fremont's Party in the Gold Regions
A Miner of California Prospecting
The Le Compton Mine, Nevada City

California Gold Country
Gold Country
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