Naish, Donald P.Roadwork
Narrator, TheThe Man Who Would Not Shake Hands
NasonThe Dead Zone
Nason, Mrs.The Stand
Nason, ParkerThe Stand
Naughton, DannyThe Body
Naugler, AlfieIt
Naugler, TraceIt
Neadeau, TommyCujo
Nearing, MissThinner
Neary, Constable LanderCycle of the Werewolf
Neary, JoanCycle of the Werewolf
Neary, Mrs.Cycle of the Werewolf
Neary, Mrs.The Mist
Neary, RuthGerald's Game
Ned, UncleThe Sun Dog
NedeauGraveyard Shift
Nedeau, BobHome Delivery
Nedeau, CharleneHome Delivery
Nedeau, MargaretHome Delivery
Nedeau, SidRita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption
NeedlesNight Surf
Nell, AloysiusIt
Nell, AloysiusInsomnia
Nell, MaureenIt
Nell, Officer ChrisInsomnia
Nell, Officer DonSometimes They Come Back
Nelson, Mrs.It
Nevers, Mr.The Shining
Newall, JoeIt Grows on You
Newall, Sarah TamsonIt Grows on You
Newsome, DaveSecret Window, Secret Garden
Ngo, SolomSurvivor Type
nibsWizard and Glass
Night Flier, TheThe Night Flier
NinerThe Eyes of the Dragon
Nixon, KellyThe Night of the Tiger
Noftzieger, Dr.Firestarter
Nogotny, JaneyThe Stand
Nogotny, StanThe Stand
Nolan, BillyCarrie
Nolan, KathyThe Dead Zone
NoraThe Tommyknockers
Norbert, Brenton'Salem's Lot
Norbert, DaleCarrie
Norbutt, Mr.The Stand
Nordhoff, Mr.Word Processor of the Gods
NormThe Mist
NormWord Processor of the Gods
NormaThe Man Who Loved Flowers
NormadenRita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption
NormanBefore the Play
Norman, JimSometimes They Come Back
Norman, MissThe Revenge of Lard Ass Hogan
Norman, Mrs.Sometimes They Come Back
Norman, RobertThe Shining
Norman, SallySometimes They Come Back
Norman, WayneSometimes They Come Back
NorringtonThe Talisman
Norris, ChadThe Stand
Norris, Edward M.The Stand
Norris, HectorThe Stand
Norris, MarshaThe Stand
Norris, StanThe Ledge
Norris, StanleyThe Stand
Norris, TrishThe Stand
NortThe Gunslinger
NortThe Wastelands
Northrup, HenryThe Crate
Northrup, WilmaThe Crate
NortonThe Green Mile
Norton, Ann'Salem's Lot
Norton, Bill'Salem's Lot
Norton, BrentThe Mist
Norton, CharlieThe Dead Zone
Norton, Mr.The Stand
Norton, MrsRita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption
Norton, SamuelRita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption
Norton, Susan'Salem's Lot
Norton, T.B.Firestarter
Norton,j CarlaThe Mist
Norwiss, ScottRage
Noyes, MabelThe Tommyknockers
Nunn, Major AlfredThe Stand
Nutter, Dr.Firestarter
NyarlahotepThe Stand