O'Banion, Mr.The Langoliers
O'Bannion, OfficerThe Moving Finger
O'Bannon, SergeantIt
O'Brian, EvFirestarter
O'Brian, Father AshleyIt
O'Brien, WillyThe Mist
O'Casey, SeanThe Shining
O'Connell, DickCarrie
O'Donnell, DickThe Dead Zone
O'Hara, BrowynRose Madder
O'Hara, DickeyDolores Claiborne
O'Hara, MikeIt
O'Hara, Mrs.Hearts in Atlantis
O'Hara, PattyIt
O'Hara, SallyThe Night of the Tiger
O'MalleyRita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption
O'Meara, RichieHearts in Atlantis
O'Mearah, GeorgeThe Drawing of the Three
O'Neil, PuckyCycle of the Werewolf
O'Sanchez, BudgieThe Running Man
O'Sanchez, WaltThe Running Man
O'TooleThe Stand
O'Whunn, MichaelMisery
Oakley, Dr.Weeds
Oates, MarilysThe Jaunt
Oates, MarkThe Jaunt
Oates, PattyThe Jaunt
Oates, RickyThe Jaunt
Ogg, SteveHearts in Atlantis
Olafson, Mr.The Talisman
Oliphant, JimmySquad D
Oliver, NormanHearts in Atlantis
OllingerThe Dark Half
Olmquist, RonnieHearts in Atlantis
Olson, Henry (Hank)The Long Walk
Olympia, AuntThe Plant
Ontello, MaureenThe Dead Zone
Orday, SamThe Library Policeman
Ordner, CarlaRoadwork
Ordner, StephanRoadwork
Ordway, MissMorning Deliveries (Milkman #1)
OrrisThe Talisman
Ortega, CarlosThe Stand
Ortega, ChrisThe Stand
Ortega, MillicentWizard and Glass
Ortega, TommyDesperation
Orville, HerkRage
Osgood, ArthurMy Pretty Pony
Osgood, Mr.My Pretty Pony
OsmondThe Talisman
Osway, BarrySometimes They Come Back
Osway, ChipSometimes They Come Back
Ouelette, SherryThe Mangler
Overlock, FreddyCarrie
Overlook, Judy'Salem's Lot
Owdersfelt, Mrs.The Talisman
Owdersfelt, RoyThe Talisman
Owens, DaveMrs. Todd's Shortcut
Owens, JimmyThe Long Walk
Ownes, Mrs.The Long Walk
Oxley, GeorgeThe Man Who Would Not Shake Hands
OyWizard and Glass
O’Hara, BumWizard and Glass
O’Shyven, Theresa Maria DoloresWizard and Glass