Taber, PeterCarrie
TakThe Regulators
Talbot, JackieCarrie
Talbot, Maureen'Salem's Lot
Talbot, WarrenRage
Taliendo, Vincent Caruso (Boogers)It
Talitha, AuntThe Wastelands
Talitha, AuntWizard and Glass
Tammerly, JoeIt
Tanaka, RuthThe Plant
Tandy, GeorgeInsomnia
Tanner, BobIt
Tanner, Charles Belknap'Salem's Lot
Tappert, DougieDolores Claiborne
Tardiff, GeorgePet Sematary
Tarkington, DonRoadwork
Tarkington, JudThe Tommyknockers
Tarkington, Mr.Roadwork
Tarkington, RayRoadwork
Tarkington, WhitneyFirestarter
Tarrent, CherylIt
Tarrent, Mr.It
Task, Captain VassilyHome Delivery
Tate, PeggyThe Stand
Tattinger, LouThe Mist
Tauber, AprilThe Stand
Tauber, MikeThe Stand
Tauber, Mr.The Stand
Tauber, MrsThe Stand
Tauber, SamThe Stand
Taylor, DonnaRage
Taylor, ElizabethIt
Taylor, GraceThe Running Man
Taylor, OfficerThe Dead Zone
Tell, JohnSneakers
Tell, Mr.Sneakers
Tellford, MarthThe Dark Half
Tellingham, MattyCycle of the Werewolf
Temkin, VictorThe Talisman
Tenney, Brent'Salem's Lot
Tennison, RitaCycle of the Werewolf
Terminello, AndreaThe Stand
Terrault, AdamIt
Terrel, CoachHearts in Atlantis
Terry, BobbyThe Stand
Terry, DeloresThe Stand
Terwilliger, HarryThe Green Mile
Tessio, BillyThe Body
Tessio, VernNona
Tessio, Vern (Penny)The Body
Tey, JosephineApt Pupil
Thalman, IrvingMisery
Thayer, AndrewThe Talisman
Thayer, ElderThe Talisman
The Ageless StrangerThe Gunslinger
The BatsGraveyard Shift
The BatsCujo
The Black ManCarrie
The BoogeymanThe Boogeyman
The BoogeymanThe Stand
The Crimson KingWizard and Glass
The Dark Father'Salem's Lot
The Devil's HenchmanI Know What You Need
The DoctorThe Woman in the Room
The DoctorsThe Little Sisters of Eluria
The DoorkeeperWizard and Glass
The ExterminatorThey're Creeping Up On You
The Hammer MurdererThe Man Who Loved Flowers
The InterloperThe Gunslinger
The JunkmanCarrie
The KidThe Stand
The Magna MaterGraveyard Shift
The Man in BlackThe Gunslinger
The Man Who Loved FlowersThe Man Who Loved Flowers
The Monster-ShouterThe Stand
The NarratorGray Matter
The NarratorTrucks
The RompWizard and Glass
The Slow MutantsThe Gunslinger
The SoldiersBattleground
The Speaking DemonThe Gunslinger
The Walkin DudeThe Stand
The Walkin’ DudeWizard and Glass
The WinoApt Pupil
The Woman in the RoomThe Woman in the Room
The WormJerusalem's Lot
Theramenius, LarsIt
Theramenius, Mrs.It
Theramenius, OlafIt
Thibodeau, DonnaCarrie
Thibodeau, GarrettDolores Claiborne
Thibodeau, Mary Lila GraceCarrie
Thibodeau, Mrs.It
Thibodeau, RickDolores Claiborne
Thielke, ThomasThe Talisman
ThomasThe Eyes of the Dragon
Thomas, BeverlyThe Body
Thomas, Bob'Salem's Lot
Thomas, MelvinRage
Thomas, Mrs.It
Thomas, Mrs.The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon
Thomas, PhilIt
Thompson, BillThe Talisman
Thompson, BobbyThe Running Man
Thompson, Mr.Jerusalem's Lot
Thompson, Mr.Christine
Thompson, Mrs.Jerusalem's Lot
Thorin, CoralWizard and Glass
Thorin, HartWizard and Glass
Thorin, OliveWizard and Glass
Thorne, BuckRage
Thornton, AlvaCujo
Thornton, BessieCujo
Thoroughgood, EgbertIt
Thorpe, JaneThe Ballad of the Flexible Bullet
Thorpe, RegThe Ballad of the Flexible Bullet
Throckmorton, BradleyThe Running Man
Throckmorton, CassieThe Running Man
Throckmorton, Mrs.The Running Man
Throckmorton, StaceyThe Running Man
Throgmorton, RandyChristine
Thurgood, governorThe Jaunt
Thurlow, AlbionThe Tommyknockers
Thurlow, EdwinaThe Tommyknockers
Thurlow, NormaThe Tommyknockers
Ti, YuanDesperation
Tibbits, Floyd'Salem's Lot
Tick-Tock ManThe Wastelands
Tick-Tock ManWizard and Glass
Tierney, JimThe Tommyknockers
Tiger, TheHere There Be Tygers
Tillbury, GretchenInsomnia
Tillets, MadgeThe Tommyknockers
TillyThe Wastelands
Tilyons, GretchenThe Stand
Timmel, SusieGerald's Game
Timmins, RedCujo
Timms, RachelThe Stand
TimmyThe Talisman
Timorov, RachelDesperation
TimpnellApt Pupil
TinkerDolan's Cadillac
Tobin, EveChildren of the Corn
Tobin, SteveThe Stand
TobyRainy Season
Tochai, NickThe Mist
Todd, Mrs.Mrs. Todd's Shortcut
Todd, OpheliaMrs. Todd's Shortcut
Todd, WorthMrs. Todd's Shortcut
Toddman, ReverendMy Pretty Pony
TolandThe Long Walk
TomThe Shining
Tombauch, ClydeThe Sun Dog
TommyThe Stand
TommyThe Library Policeman
Tommyknockers, TheThe Tommyknockers
Toner, LewisThe Shining
Toner, LewisBefore the Play
TonyThe Shining
TonyGraveyard Shift
TonyThe Ledge
TonyThe Tommyknockers
Tookey, MissusOne for the Road
Tooklander, HerbOne for the Road
Toomey, Charles F., Jr.The Dark Half
Toomey, StephanieThe Dark Half
Toomy, CatherineThe Langoliers
Toomy, CraigThe Langoliers
Toomy, RogerThe Langoliers
Toot-TootThe Green Mile
Toothaker, PaulineThe Dead Zone
Toothaker, PaulineCujo
TopsyThe Little Sisters of Eluria
Torbutt, CleveIt Grows on You
Torgeson, AndyThe Tommyknockers
Torgeson, BuddyCujo
Torrance, BeckyThe Shining
Torrance, BrettThe Shining
Torrance, DannyThe Shining
Torrance, JackThe Shining
Torrance, JackyBefore the Play
Torrance, MikeThe Shining
Torrance, Mr.Before the Play
Torrance, Mrs.Before the Play
Torrance, WendyThe Shining
Torreos, BenitoMan With a Belly
Torres, MiguelWizard and Glass
Torrio, DennisIt
Tower, CalvinThe Wastelands
Tozeman, GerardThe Breathing Method
Tozier, MaggieIt
Tozier, RichieIt
Tozier, WentworthIt
Tracker, HamiltonIt
Tracker, PhilIt
Tracker, TonyIt
Traegger, ChristineFirestarter
Tranter, LouisFirestarter
TraskThe Stand
Trask, BettyApt Pupil
Trask, Mrs.Here There Be Tygers
Trask, RayApt Pupil
Travelin JackThe Talisman
TravinThe Long Walk
Travis, BillThe Revenge of Lard Ass Hogan
Tree, JohnThinner
Trelawney, RedCarrie
Trelawney, RichieChristine
Tremain, AlfThe Tommyknockers
Tremain, BobbyThe Tommyknockers
Tremaine, BenApt Pupil
Tremont, ArnieThe Dead Zone
Tremont, Elaine Mrs.'Salem's Lot
Tremont, Mr.It
Tremont, QuincyFirestarter
Tremont, RalphRoadwork
Tremont, RoryRita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption
Tremont, SallyThe Monkey
Trennant, HenryCarrie
Trent, HarryThe Stand
Trenton, DonnaCujo
Trenton, TadCujo
Trenton, VicCujo
TresslerThe Long Walk
Trevor, BruceCarrie
Trevor, MelanieThe Langoliers
Trips, CaptainWizard and Glass
Trotter, Pettie theWizard and Glass
Trotts, DavidThe Stand
Trotts, MaybelleThe Stand
Trotts, SonnySecret Window, Secret Garden
Trumbull, DouglasThe Mist
TubbinsThe Long Walk
Tucker, RogThe Stand
Tudbury, BillThe Wastelands
Tudbury, TillThe Wastelands
Tunney, ZackThe Shining
Tupper, Francine (Thunderjugs)The Body
Turman, AlanThe Mist
Turman, HattieThe Mist
Turner, KirkDesperation
Turner, RandyChristine
Turtle, TheIt
Twiller, HarveyHearts in Atlantis
Twyford, TomMisery
Tyndale, SergeantThe Plant