Meyer's Dance Pavilion and Saloon

Meyer’s Dance Pavilion and Saloon was the place to be on a Uniontown Saturday night, or any night for that matter. After a day of hard work in the mines, this is where a miner might go for a little rest and relaxation, perhaps a drink or two, and maybe a game of cards. It wasn’t unusual for a miner to spend or loose an entire week’s worth of gold in a few hours at the gambling tables or bar, but that mattered little as they could always find more gold. The two-story building was constructed of granite fieldstone and river boulders which were split to furnish a flat facing. Although it stands on the north side of the river on an obscure side road, during the camp’s peak that road was part of the main route which insured a steady flow of customers for Mister Meyer. Today the building is roof-and-windowless, but it still remains a striking ruin capable of engaging the gears of your imagination. It is located on Beach Court Lane.

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