Sutter’s Mill

Sutter’s Mill is a faithful replica of the original, built with Marshall’s own drawings and an early day photo as reference. Those responsible for re-creating the sawmill include the El Dorado County Historical Society, the State Department of Parks and Recreation, and the many interested local citizens who volunteered their time and funds. Using hand adzes and other early tools, the mill looks much today as the original did when it was completed back in 1848. It was dedicated on Discovery Day, January 24 of 1968. The site of today’s sawmill is somewhat higher on the bank and a bit upstream of the original millsite, which was definitely located in 1924 by the Society of California Pioneers. Archaeologists examined the site in 1947, recording and cataloging pieces of old timbers, axes, tools, bolts and other items, which are now on display in the park Museum and Visitor Center. The museum building provides a very informative look at Coloma’s beginnings and the pioneers responsible for establishing the camp. A video presentation is also available, as well as maps and books of local interest.