Tuttletown's Historic Sites

A Stone Monument is the only item of interest left to visitors passing though Tuttletown on their way north or south. It relates the fact that Mark Twain swapped yarns and traded here, at the old Swerer Store which was located a short distance from this marker. The store no longer stands, but some of the stones from which it was constructed were used in building this monument.
If you’ve read older books on this area, you may have seen a picture of Bill Swerer’s Stone Store. It was a neatly built stone building made of quarried and dressed blocks of local schist. Its two doorways were fortified with the usual iron shutters and the place was considered the only “elegant and substantial” store in the camp when it was built in 1852. Mark Twain is said to have dropped by occasionally while on his sojourn on nearby Jackass Hill. Bret Harte is rumored to have been a clerk here, although this is unlikely. A close examination of the tangle of weeds and shrubbery near the road just south of the monument may yet reveal a few foundation stones from the old store.