Murphys Hotel

Murphys Hotel is the most striking structure left from the days of gold. This classic example of Mother Lode architecture—iron shutters, wrought-iron balconies, and stone construction—still shelters, feeds, and waters weary travelers as it did when it opened for business on August 20 of 1856. Built by James L. Sperry and John Perry, the place was first known as the Sperry and Perry Hotel. Thought to be fire-proof, the hotel burned in the fire of 1859. Sperry and Perry started on a new building almost immediately and the new hotel was finished in time for the spring travel of 1860. The new Sperry and Perry Hotel was considered one of the finest hotels outside of San Francisco, and due to its location near several tourist spots, was host to many famous people over the years. A photocopy of the old register is available at the desk and a look through its pages will reveal such names as: Mark Twain, U. S. Grant, John Bidwell, C. E. Bolton (alias Black Bart), Henry Ward Beecher, Horatio Alger, J. P. Morgan and Thomas Lipton. The hotel was later purchased by Henry Atwood who operated it for a short time in 1881. Atwood sold out to Harvey Blood, who later sold out to C. P. Mitchler in September of 1882. The Mitchler family operated the hotel for many years, during which time it was called the Mitchler Hotel, eventually becoming the Murphys Hotel.

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