The McKillicam & Mobley General Store

The McKillicam & Mobley General Store was built in 1870 and served as the town’s post office and social gathering place as well as the general store. Supplies were hauled in by wagon from Nevada City and the store, which also bought and sold gold, served most of northern Nevada County. During the day, the ladies would come here to do their shopping and then gather about the post office window to discuss their affairs. After work, the men would drop by and sit around the beer kegs in the basement, no doubt enjoying a sample or two of the wares. The inside of the store looks much as it did during the busy mining years. The wooden floor shows the wear and tear of countless footsteps, while the shelves and counters still hold some of the goods which once helped support this old mining town. In fact, this store was once filled with more merchandise than the shelves could hold; hence the ceiling hooks with which to suspend additional goods.

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