Jacket Art by Mark Ryden

by Richard Bachman

“And I’d be Pa,” it whispered. “Boss of the Ponderosa and the biggest man in the Nevada Territory. Me.”

It’s a perfect summer afternoon in Wentworth, Ohio, and on Poplar Street the living is easy. It’s the dying that’s hard. Just how hard is what the residents of Poplar Street are going to find out, because there’s a red van idling just up the hill. And when it begins to roll, madness begins to rock and people begin to die. And to make matters worse, there are other vans than this. When night falls early, the surviving residents find themselves in another world, where anything a child can imagine is possible. ‘Ware the Regulators.
Cast of Characters:
Ellen Carver - Daughter of the Carvers.
Raphie Carver - Son of the Carvers
Cynthia Smith - Two-toned counter girl.
Brad Josephson - Husband of Belinda.
Belinda Josephson - Wife of Brad.
Cary Ripton - Doomed paperboy.
Johnny Marinville - Guitar playing writer.
Gary Soderson - Husband of Marielle.
Marielle Soderson - Wife of Gary.
Kirsten Carver - Wife of David.
David Carver - Husband of Kirsten.
Audrey Wyler - Seth’s Aunt.
Herb Wyler - Husband of Audrey.
Seth Garin - Autistic little boy, Tak’s vessel.
Peter Jackson - Husband of Mary.
Jim Reed - One of Cammie’s twin sons.
David Reed - One of Cammie’s twin sons.
Susi Geller - Daughter of Kim and Frank.
Tom Billingsley - Retired vet.
Collier Entragian - Ex-cop.
Hannibal - Dog.
Steve Ames - Driver of the van.
Mary Jackson - Wife of Peter.
Kim Geller - Mother of Susi.
Debbie Ross - Friend of the Reed twins.
Cammie Reed - Mother of the Reed twins.
Tak - Evil.
Allen Symes - Mining engineer.
The MotoKops:
Colonel Henry - The telepathic squad leader.
Major Pike - A good Canopalean gone bad.
Snake Hunter - With customary scorn.
Bounty - The quicker-picker-upper.
Rooty - A bumbling robot.
Cassie Styles - A vixen.
The Motokops’ Enemies:
No Face - Faceless.
Countess Lili - Countless.
They drive the Meatwagon

Publication States:
Trade HC: Dutton (1996)
Unrevised Proof: Dutton (1996)

Interesting Factoids:
The title of this novel came from a sticker on King’s printer.
The first print run for the hardcover edition is 1,250,000 copies