Cary Ripton's Toll:
Cary Ripton took care of roughly 35 Desperatians, mostly miners who worked for the Desperation Mining Corporation. His toll included Kirk Turner and his wife, six guys on the blast crew which uncovered Rattlesnake Number One, Joe Prudum, the night watchman at the mine, and Pascal Martinez and his entire A-crew.

Brad Josephson's Toll:
When Cary's body gave out, Tak moved into Brad. Brad snuffed out Jim Reed, the town's chief of police, and probably a number of other townfolk.

Collie Entragian's Toll:
Collie took care of most of the town, probably killing around 150 or so. He ran them over in his cruiser, shot them, had them (with Tak's help) bitten by spiders and snakes, and who knows what else. Highlights include:
Kirsten Carver - Pie took a tumble down the stairs at the town office, with a helping hand from Collie.
Peter Jackson - Collie shot him four times in the stomach, at close range.
Billy Rancourt - Run down and run over, a couple of times, by Collie in his cruiser.
Tom Billingsley - Cougar victim, in the American West.
Audrey Wyler - Semi-possessed by Tak, her arm was torn off and parts of her began to liquefy and fall off in a kind of flesh rain. She then fell/jumped over the balcony.
Ellen Carver - Tak used her up.
Ralph Carver - Face torn off by a Bald Eagle, possessed by Tak.

Who killed the parrot that was hanged in the Owl's Club? We may never know.