When Desperation and The Regulators were first released, constant readers could purchase the two books separately, or in a gift combo pack. The gift combo pack included a free "keep-you-up-all-night" light, which was one of those little battery operated book lights. Some readers reported the light could keep you up all night, as some reportedly caught on fire.

The supply of lights was limited, and for the holiday season, the free gift in the combo pack was changed to a little booklet, a very special little booklet. What was the booklet? The first two chapters of King's next installment of the Dark Tower series, Wizards and Glass. Many folks who bought the books when they first came out, either individually or separately, were upset about missing out on the booklet. If you bought the books separately and still have your receipt, just go back to the store and ask for the booklet, they'll give it to you. Even if you don't have the receipts, you can probably get one.