Cast of Characters

The Gunslinger

In order of appearance, thought, or deed:

The man in black—a sorceror
The Gunslinger—Roland
The donkey—a shapechanger, turns into a mule
Brown—a border dweller
Zoltan—a crow
Papa Doc—bringer of the beans
Sheb—the honky tonk piano player
Nort—the weed eater
Kennerly—the liveryman
Alice—keeper of the honky tonk
Zachary—a zodiac sign painter
Amy Feldon—a bar woman
Aunt Mill—a bar woman who sings
Soobie—halfwit daughter of Kennerly
Castner—dry goods store owner
Sylvia Pittston—hoodoo woman
The Interloper—Satan, Lord of Flies and Serpents, The gunslinger according to Sylvia
Jonson—sinner, fornicator, gambler, weeder
39 men, 14 women, 5 kids—the former inhabitants of Tull
Cort—teacher of future gunslingers before the world moved on
John Chambers—Jake, the boy at the way station
Mrs. Greta Shaw—Jake’s parents’ housekeeper
Aileen—a girl from the gunslinger’s past
Marten—the incomplete enchanter
Cuthbert—a dead gunslinger
Jonas—the old man
Susan—a lovely girl
Speaking Demon—way station denizen
David—the falcon
Gabrielle—the gunslinger’s mother
Hax—the west kitchen cook
Maggie—Hax’s helper
The good man—who makes the lion lay down with the lamb
Robeson—a treasonous guard
The Oracle—Star Slut. Whore of the Winds
Jamie de Curry
Allen—boyhood companion of the gunslinger (Alain?)
Thomas—boyhood companion of the gunslinger
The Hanged Man—Roland
The Sailor—Jake
The Prisoner
The Lady of Shadows
The Tower—a place where all universes meet?
The Ageless Stranger—Maerlyn
Maerlyn—the Ageless Stranger
The Beast—the keeper of the Tower. The originator of all glammer
Walter—the man in black

The Drawing of the Three

In order of appearance, thought or deed:

Roland—the Gunslinger
The man in black—Walter, a man Roland once trusted
Jake—the boy
Cort—Roland’s old teacher
David—the hawk
The Prisoner—Eddie Dean
Lobstrosity—four foot long, seventy pound dum-a-chum
Eddie—the prisoner
Henry Dean—Eddie’s brother
Enrico Balazar—drug lord
The sallow-skinned thing—a drug-runner
Cuthbert—one of Roland’s friends, a fellow gunslinger
Jane Dorning—the stewardess
Paula—another stewardess
William Wilson—a soft-spoken, American drug-runner
Peter—airline personnel
Anne—airline personnel
Susy Douglass—yet another stewardess
Captain McDonald—the Delta pilot
Selina Dean—Eddie’s dead sister
Deere—the Delta co-pilot
Customs Men
Colin Vincent—one of Balazar’s men
Jack Andolini—Old Double Ugly
Claudio Andolini—one of Balazar's men
'Cimi Dretto—one of Balazar’s men
George Biondi—another of Balazar’s “Gentlemen”
Tricks Postino—still another
Alan—a gunslinger from Roland’s past
Desmond—a gunslinger from Roland’s past
Jimmy Haspio—another of Balazar's “Gentlemen”
Kevin Blake—still another
Ferdinand the Bull—someone Eddie doesn't want to get raped by
Dario—another of Balazar’s “Gentlemen”
Rudy Vechhio—how many men does Balazar have?
Mrs. McGursky—an old neighbor of Eddie’s
The Lady of Shadows—see next
Detta Susannah Walker—see above
Odetta Susannah Holmes—ditto
Andrew Feeny—the chauffeur of Odetta
Howard—a doorman
Alice Holmes—Odetta’s mom
Dan Holmes—Odetta’s dad
Julio Estevez—an ambulance driver
George Shavers—an intern
Miguel Basale—a streaky bowler
Jimmy Halvorsen—the Macy house dick
Sophia—Odetta’s mother's sister
The Really Bad Man—Roland, in Detta Walker’s eyes
Marten—the enchanter
Old Man Splitfoot—the devil
Miss Hathaway—Eddie’s third grade teacher
The Pusher—Jack Mort
The Really Sick Man—Roland again
Jack Mort—the pusher
Dorfman—one of Mort's accounts
Officer Carl Delevan—a fat and lax gunslinger
Officer George O’Mearah—a fat and lax gunslinger
Justin Clements—owner of a gunshop
Fat Johnny Holden—the gunshop clerk
Arnold Clements—aka Justin Clements?
Alain—one of Roland’s good friends and fellow gunslinger
Really Bad Woman—Detta Walker, in Roland’s eyes
Flagg—“a creture that pretended to be a man”
Dennis—a pursuer of Flagg from far away
Thomas—a pursuer of Flagg from far away
Katz—father of Katz
Katz—son of Katz
Mrs. Rathbun—valium addict
Dr. Brumhall—Rathbun’s doctor
Ralph Lennox—the fat old security guard
Dollentz—a putz
Andrew Staunton—a foot patrolman
Norris Weaver—Staunton’s partner
Norris Wheaton—aka, Norris Weaver, Staunton’s partner
Mr. Framingham—Mort’s boss
Susan—Roland’s first love
Susannah Dean—Odetta Susannah Holmes/Detta Susannah Walker

The Wastelands

In order of appearance, thought, or deed:

Roland—old long tall and ugly
Eddie Dean—the former Prisoner
Susannah Dean—Eddie’s wife, the Lady of Shadows
Cort—Roland’s old teacher
Sarah Walker Holmes—Susannah’s mother
Alain—boyhood pal of Roland, also a gunslinger
Jack Mort—the pusher
Balazar—a dead drug lord
Mir—bearzilla, 1 of 12 guardians, Shardik
Henry Dean—the great sage and eminent junkie
Gloria Dean—Eddie’s sister by another name
Cuthbert—boyhood pal of Roland, also a gunslinger
Hax—the traitorous cook
The man in black—Walter
Jamie de Curry—boyhood pal of Roland
Marten—the court wizard
Susan—Roland’s first love
Zoltan—the crow
Sheb—the piano player from Tull
Allie—the barkeep from Tull
Nort—the weedeater
Sylvia Pittston—evangelist
Aunt Blue—Susannah’s aunt
Jack Andolini—one of Balazar’s trusted men
John Farson—the good man
Laurie Chambers—Jake’s mom
Elmer Chambers—Jake’s dad
Greta Shaw—the Chambers’ housekeeper
Mr. Bissette—the French teacher at Piper
Joanne Franks—Piper school secretary
Mr. Harley—the headmaster at Piper
Ms. Bonnie Avery—Piper school English teacher
Petra Jesserling—Piper school tart
David Surrey—Piper school student
Mr. Knopf—Piper school Geometry teacher
Stan Dorfman—Piper school student (any relation to Jack Mort’s Dorfman account?)
Belinda Stevens—the pimply Piper school student
Timmy—Mid-Town Lanes employee
Billy—tic-tac-toe loser
Beryl Evans—author of Charlie the Choo Choo
Calvin Tower—bookshop proprietor
Aaron Deepneau—chess playing pal of Calvin
Mr. Hotchkiss—Piper school shrink
Bob Brooks—Engineer Bob
Charlie—the choo choo
Mr. Briggs—the Roundhouse manager
Mr. Raymond Martin—president of Mid-World Railway Co.
Susannah Martin—Ray’s daughter
Eli—a black man with dreadlocks
Tom Denby—aka Jake Chambers
Maryanne—ticket taker at the Majestic
Miss Bunkowski
Oy—the billy bumbler
Si—of River Crossing
Mercy—of River Crossing
Old Mother—Aunt Talitha Unwin
Bill Tudbury—one of the albino twins of River Crossing
Till Tudbury—one of the albino twins of River Crossing
Blaine the mono—a pain
David Quick—the outlaw prince
Bill Muffin
the Beast
the Ageless Stranger
Vannay—Roland’s tutor as a boy
Gasher—not a nice guy
Tick Tock Man—Andrew Quick, a trig cove
Reverend Murdock—of the Grace Methodist Church
Copperhead—one of Gasher’s pals
Spankers—the spankerman
Little Lord Fauntleroy—Luster
Clarabell/Ronald—a pube shot by Eddie
Winston—a pube done for by Susannah
Frank—another dead pube
Topsy—the sailor
Jeeves—a pube guide to the cradle
Ardis—the last man to go nigh Blaine
The Bloodstained woman—Maud
Hoots—a tall skinny man
Patricia—the suicidal northwest mono
Little Blaine—schizoid part of Blaine
the dark haired woman in the Gray’s cradle—laughed herself to death
Tilly—a heavyset redhead Gray
Brandon—a bandy-legged Gray
Deidre the Mad—Roland’s grandmother
Steven—Roland’s father
Dewlap—feeder of the apple press
Richard Fannin—not really a man at all

Wizard and Glass

In order of appearance, thought, or deed:

Blaine—the mono
Roland—of Gilead, son of Steven, gunslinger and Lord of ancient lands
Eddie Dean—ex-junkie, gunslinger
Jake Chambers—of New York, son of Elmer, the boy
Susannah Dean—the lady of shadows, Eddie’s wife, gunslinger
Cuthbert Allgood—gunslinger, Roland’s childhood friend
Jamie de Curry—gunslinger
Marten Broadcloak—Roland’s father’s wizard, a bad man
Aunt Talitha—of River Crossing
Little Blaine—split personality of Blaine the mono
Oy—the billy-bumbler
Henry Dean—the great sage and dead eminent junkie
Aaron Deepneau—a chess player
Gasher—a nasty Luddite
Tick-Tock Man—Andrew Quick
Miss Greta Shaw—the Chamber’s housekeeper
Elmer Chambers—father of Jake
Cort—teacher of gunslingers
Jimmy Polino—the clubfoot friend of young Henry Dean
Skipper Brannigan—the guy you’d want with you if you got in a pisser
Tommy Fredericks—part of young Henry Dean’s gang of friends
John Parelli—a tough kid
Georgie Pratt—part of young Henry Dean’s gang of friends
Csaba Drabnik—the mad Hungarian
Frank Duganelli—a tough kid
Larry McCain—another tough kid
Alain Johns—gunslinger, Roland’s childhood friend
Jonas Eldred—Big Coffin Hunter
Clay Reynolds—Big Coffin Hunter
Roy Depape—Big Coffin Hunter
Susan Delgado—the girl in the window, Roland’s first love
Captain Trips—the Super Flu
John Corcoran—Topeka Capital-Journal reporter
Dr. Morris Hackford—Topeka doctor
Dr. April Montoya—Topeka doctor
Luster—a pube
Winston—another pube
Jeeves—yet another pube and guide to the cradle of Lud
Spanker—the spankerman got his
George Bush—former V.P.
Ronald Reagan—former President
Rep. Steve Sloan—Kansas republican
Mr. Kingery—Jake’s science teacher
Miss Berly Evans—author of Charlie the Choo Choo
Bum O’Hara—Eddie’s turnpikin’ buddy
Sandra Corbitt—Eddie’s turnpikin buddette
The Walkin’ Dude—Randall Flagg
The Crimson King—the Crimson King
The Doorkeeper—a nasty bit of carpentry
Walter—the man in black
Gabrielle Deschain—Roland’s mother
David—the hawk
Steven Deschain—Roland’s father
Musty—the six-legged mutie cat
Hart Thorin—mayor of Hambry
Ermot—the snake
Rhea Dubativo—the weirding of the Cöos
Pat Delgado—Susan’s father
Aunt Cordelia—Susan’s aunt
Kimba (the white lion?) Rimer—Thorin’s Chancellor
Will Dearborn—Roland’s alias
Stanley Ruiz—barkeep at the Traveler’s Rest
Mrs. Beech—resident of Hambry
Richard Stockworth—Alain’s alias
Arthur Heath—Cuthbert’s alias
Farson—the good man
Hax—the hanged cook
Barkie Callahan—the bouncer at the Traveler’s Rest
The Romp—two-headed elk
Pettie the Trotter—dancer and lovegirl at the Traveler’s Rest
Coral Thorin—owner of the Travler’s Rest, sister of the mayor
Sheb McCurdy—the piano player
Deborah—fifteen year-old whore at the Traveler’s Rest
Herk Avery—High Sheriff of Mejis
Arthur Eld—ancestor of many gunslingers, Roland included
Dave Hollis—deputy Dave
James Reed—Dearborn’s attestor
Piet Ravenhead—Stockworth’s attestor
Lucas Rivers—Heath’s attestor
Judy Hollis—deputy Dave’s wife, maker of the white tea
Francis Lengyll—of the Rocking B Ranch
John Croyden—of the Piano Ranch
Henry Wertner—the Barony’s Stockliner
Hash Renfrew—of the Lazy Susan
Garber Family—previous owners of the Bar K
Judy Renfrew—Judy Wertner-Judy Hollis?
Olive Thorin—the mayor’s wife
Jake White—horse breeder
John Haverty—Olive Thorin’s father
Sheemie—son of Stanley
Countess Jillian of Up’ard Killian—Travler’s Rest whore
Gert Moggins—known earlier in the story as the young whore, Deborah, her nibs
Dolores Scheemer—Sheemie’s mom
George Latigo—Farson’s man
George Riggins—deputy in Hambry
Jolene—Ritzy saloon whore
Henry—the tall, Steven’s dad, Roland’s grandfather
Miguel Torres—the old mozo from Seafront
Brian Hookey—the blacksmith
Jamie McCann—the Reaping Lad
Maria—Susan’s maid at Seafront
Conchetta Morgenstern—the seamstress
Laslo Rimer—Kimber’s brother
Amy—a friend of Susan’s
Millicent Ortega—town woman
Frank Claypool—deputy in Hambry
Slyvia Pittston—wandering preacher woman
Fardo—Cort’s father
Robert and Francesca—murder/suicide story pair of Hambry
Robert Allgood—Cuthbert’s dad
Christopher Johns—Alain’s dad
Hiram Quint—of the Piano Ranch
Theresa Maria Dolores O’Shyven—seller of rugs
Peter—husband of Theresa
Rufus Hookey—the blacksmith’s son
Todd Bridger—a deputy in Hambry
Hiram—father of Aunt Cordelia
Rodney Hendricks—one of Latigo’s soldiers
Raines—the bugler
Misha Alvarez—town woman
Megan Chambers—Jake’s mom, earlier know as Laurie Chambers

The Little Sisters of Eluria

In order of appearance, thought, or deed:

Roland of Gilead—the gunslinger
Topsy—Roland's roan horse
Cuthbert—Roland's boyhood friend and fellow gunslinger
Chas. Freeborn—cattle thief
Jesus-dog—stray with a mission
James Norman—the dead boy in the water trough
Ralph Bowler Hat—a green, slow—mutant
Mr. Toad—a green, slow-mutant
Bushwhacker—a green, slow-mutant, Booh!
Jamie DeCurry—a boyhood friend of Roland, fellow gunslinger
Susan Delgado—the girl from Mejis
Cort—Roland's old teacher
Reah—the witch of the Coos
Jenna—the nice Sister of Eluria
Sister Mary—the Big Sister of Eluria, head of the wampirs
Sister Louise—a Sister of Eluria
Sister Michela—a Sister of Eluria
Sister Coquina—a Sister of Eluria
Sister Tamra—a Sister of Eluria
John Norman—the brother of the dead boy in the water trough
Bearded Man—supper for the little sisters
Cuthbert—Roland's boyhood friend and fellow gunslinger
Jesse—father of John and James Norman
Smasher—a slow, green mutant
Abel Vannay
Eldred Jonas—dead coffin hunter
The Doctors—nasty little buggers, can tan? can de lach, mi him en tow!