Jacket Art - David Palladini

by Stephen King

There is a far-away land where dragons still live, a land where magic still works, a land where hope and courage still hold true. In this land there is a kingom called Delain. And in this kingdom, there lives a magician, a dark man known as Flagg. And so trouble must come to Delain. The king is poisoned and a prince wrongly imprisoned....just as Flagg had planned. Yet someone knows the truth, for he has seen through the Eyes of the Dragon.

This story is for my great friend Ben Straub, and for my daughter, Naomi King.
Once, in a kingdom called Delain, there was a King with two sons.

Publication States:
Limited: Philtrum Press (1984)
Trade HC: Viking Press (1987)

Cast of Characters:
Brandon - Peterís butler.
Dennis - Brandonís son.
Flagg - Trouble.
Peter - King Rolandís elder son.
Roland the Good - Delainís King.
Sasha - The wife of Roland the Good.
Ben Staad - Peterís friend.
Thomas - King Rolandís younger son. Influenced by Flagg.

Interesting Factoids:
The limited first editions were distributed through a lottery system. Interested King collectors sent in their names and 1,000 were selected. I was lucky, I got one. $120 plus $7 postage.