LINKS (however remote)

link \ílink\ n [ME, of Scan origin; akin to ON hlekkr chain; akin to OE hlanc lank]
1:a connecting structure such as a single ring or division of a chain
2:a segment of sausage
3:a torch formerly used to light a personís way through the streets
4:to skip smartly along
5:the same person, place, thing, phrase, or idea which appears in more than one Stephen King story

First off, I must admit that the idea of a link list was not originally mine. I have to credit Jon Skeet with creating the list I first saw which prompted me to put this one together. While Jon tends to prefer the type of links he feels King intended his readers to find (sort of like birthday presents to his readers), Iím intrigued even by the remotest chance coincidence (like the same surname, or street name, etc). So thatís where this page is heading.

Iíve also got to heap lavish praise on Stephen Spignesiís mammoth tome entitled The Complete Stephen King Encyclopedia. Bigger than many telephone books Iíve seen, this book has so much information on Kingís characters and settings that reading through it sparked memories of characters and things Iíd long since forgotten. It really helped in refreshing my memory on books I hadnít read for awhile and I definitely recommend it to all constant readers.