Herb Wyler - Under Tak’s influence, Herb blows his brains out in the garage.
Cary Ripton - While riding his bike, Cary is shot-gunned by someone inside Tracker Arrow.
Hannibal - Chasing a frisbee, Hannibal is also shot-gunned by someone inside Tracker Arrow.
Mary Jackson - Trapper John blows Mary’s head apart from the turret of Freedom.
David Carver - Shot-gunned in the stomach by Trapper John.
Debbie Ross - Shot in the face.
Pie Carver - Copper pot shrapnel to the head and face.
Marielle Soderson - Arm shot off, bleeds to death.
Collie Entragian - Accidentally shot in the head by the young Jim Reed.
Jim Reed - Filled with remorse (and under Tak’s influence), Jim shoots himself in the head.
Peter Jackson - Possessed by Tak, Pete sits down against a nasty cactus.
Gary Soderson - Throat ripped out by a passing gila monster.
Kim Geller - Jeb Murdock, in the Doom Turret of the Meatwagon, blows Kim out of her shoes.
Seth Garin - Shot in the head with a 30.06 by Cammie Reed.
Audrey Wyler - Shot in the neck with a 30.06 by Cammie Reed.
Cammie Reed - Her head explodes in the most spectacular fashion. Tak was inside it.