Jacket Design - Neil Stuart

zby Stephen King
and Peter Straub

“Right here and now!”

In order to save his dying mother (and quite possibly the entire world), twelve-year-old Jack Sawyer must find the Talisman, a crystal globe perhaps three feet in circumference, which also happens to be the axis of all possible worlds.

Unfortunately, the Talisman is located a continent away and Jack’s got to hurry.

Luckily, Jack can “flip” between our world and the world of the Territories, a world that mirrors our own. And distance traveled in the Territories is equal to a greater distance in our world.

Unfortunately, evil men, nasty creatures, and the Blasted Lands lay between Jack and the Talisman.

This book is for Ruth King, Elvena Straub
On September 15th, 1981, a boy named Jack Sawyer stood where the water and land come together, hands in the pockets of his jeans, looking out at the steady Atlantic.

Cast of Characters:
Queen Laura DeLoessian - Queen of the Territories.
Elroy - A nasty pedophilic shape-changer with hooves.
Farren - The captain of the outer guards.
Reverend Sunlight Gardener - Twinner of Osmond.
Morgan Thudfoot - Morgan Sloat’s Twinner.
Speedy Parker - Jack’s friend who taught him how to “flip.”
Jack Sawyer - Twelve-year-old Travelin’ Jack.
Lily Cavanaugh Sawyer - Queen of the B’s.
Morgan Sloat - An evil manipulator, Twinner of Morgan of Orris.
Wolf - Jack’s werewolf friend.

Publication States:
Trade HC: Viking/Putnam’s Sons (1984) - True First Edition
First Info: On CP “First published in 1984 by Viking Penguin Inc.”
Limited HC: Donald M. Grant
Artists presentation state, lettered, 70 copies
Artists presentation state, numbered, 70 copies
Deluxe edition, 1200 copies
Trade edition, 1200 copies
Trade PB: Berkley (1985)