Gold Rush Images

The following illustrations of California Gold Rush scenes were, for the most part, created during the early years of the Gold Rush. They were used to illustrate newspaper and magazine articles, to show the world what life in the gold mines of California was really like. Wandering artists would traverse the gold fields, sketching whatever sights caught their fancy. The quality of the images depended upon the talent of the artist, so some are a bit more accomplished than others. But they all give us an idea of how the world saw California during the early years of the Gold Rush.

Gold Rush Players - Famous Citizenry from the Days of Gold
Mining Life in California - Miners Mining & Miners Not Mining
Gold Diggins in California - Claims, Diggins, & Towns
California Pictorial Letter Sheets - Pictorial Stationery from the Gold Fields
Images for Sale - Current Inventory of Gold Rush Artwork
California Cards - A Set of Twenty Gold Rush Postcards
California Gold Country Stock Photography - Pretty Pictures
Additional Gold Rush Image Sites

Gold Rush Players
       Bret Harte
       Capt. John A. Sutter
       Col. John C. Frémont
       Lotta Crabtree

Mining Life in California
       Miner #1
       Miners #1
       Miners #2
       Miners #3
       Miners #4
       Miners #5

Gold Diggins in California
       Fremonts' Party in the (then unknown) Gold Regions
       The Yankees House at Hang Town
Additional Gold Rush Image Sites
       19th Century View of California
       Art of the Gold Rush
       California Gold Rush Mining Town, 1930-1968, by Alma Lavenson
       Silver & Gold Cased Images of the Gold Rush Daguerreotypes

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