L'Antonio, DomThe Long Walk
Labree, Mr.'Salem's Lot
LaChance, DennisThe Body
LaChance, GordieThe Body
LaddieThe Stand
LaFleur, MyronThe Mist
Lah, Mrs.The Moving Finger
Lamonica, AndreaIt
Lamonica, CherylIt
Lamonica, MarkIt
Lamonica, Mr.It
Lamonica, Mrs.It
Lancte, EdgarThe Dead Zone
Landis, MeganGerald's Game
LandonThe Stand
LandryThe Eyes of the Dragon
Lane, FrancisRoadwork
Lang, AliciaRoadwork
Lang, PennyHearts in Atlantis
Lang, TonyRoadwork
Langill, LaurieDolores Claiborne
Langoliers, TheThe Langoliers
LaPointe, JohnGerald's Game
LaPointe, JohnThe Dark Half
Larribee, BillyOne for the Road
LarryThe Last Rung on the Ladder
LarryThe Talisman
LarsonThe Long Walk
Larson, UncleGramma
Lascorbia, AnthonyThe Plant
Lasky, AnneRage
Lathrop, AlRage
Lathrop, CharlieRita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption
Lathrop, DanThe Stand
Lathrop, Dr.Pet Sematary
Lathrop, JohnThe Moving Finger
Lathrop, Mrs.The Stand
Latigo, GeorgeWizard and Glass
Latimer, HenryThe Crate
Lauder, AmyThe Stand
Lauder, BradThe Stand
Lauder, Harold EmeryThe Stand
Lauder, Mr.The Stand
Lauder, RitaThe Stand
Laughlin ReverendPet Sematary
Laughlin, JimmyThe Running Man
Laughlin, MackIt
Lavasseur, PetePet Sematary
LaverneThe Raft
Lavesque, GailDolores Claiborne
Lavesque, LindaPet Sematary
Lavin, ChristopherThe Library Policeman
Lavin, MariaThe Revenge of Lard Ass Hogan
Lavoie, Mr.Carrie
Lawless, JanineThe Mist
Lawlor, GrandThinner
Lawry, JulieThe Stand
Lawry, Mr.The Stand
Lawry, Mrs.The Stand
Lawson, NormanThe Dead Zone
Lawson, RobertSometimes They Come Back
Leandro, GeorginaThe Tommyknockers
Leandro, JohnThe Tommyknockers
Lebal, TinaHearts in Atlantis
LeBary, VeronicaChristine
LeBay, DrewChristine
LeBay, GeorgeChristine
LeBay, RitaChristine
LeBay, Roland D.Christine
LedererI Am the Doorway
Lee, JimThe Stand
Lee, MissThe Langoliers
Leekstodder, Mr. Hubert D.The Plant
Leekstodder, Mrs.The Plant
Lefferts, RobRose Madder
Leffing, Robert T.The Shining
Legere, Mr.The Night of the Tiger
Leheureux, Mr.Christine
Leith, MichaelMisery
Lemke, AngelinaThinner
Lemke, SameulThinner
Lemke, SusannaThinner
Lemke, TaduzThinner
Lengyll, FrancisWizard and Glass
Lennox, RalphThe Drawing of the Three
Lennox, TerryThe Breathing Method
Leominster, TonyThe Stand
Leonard, CoraIt Grows on You
Lernerd, RogerIt
Leroux, French ViscountMisery
Lessard, CindyGerald's Game
Lessard, GeorgeHearts in Atlantis
Lester, Dr.The Tommyknockers
Levesque, HerbieRage
LevyThe Lawnmover Man
Lewis, BrandonThe Talisman
Lewis, John'Salem's Lot
Leydecker, Detective Sergeant JohnInsomnia
Li-Tsu, HenrySurvivor Type
Li-Tsu, Mrs.Survivor Type
Libby, HeatherIt
Libby, ReverendIt
Light, Emory W.The Talisman
Lillie, Mr.The Night of the Tiger
Linden, Mrs. AltheaThe Sun Dog
Lindley, ChristinaThe Tommyknockers
LitaThe Eyes of the Dragon
Litchfield, Dr. CarlInsomnia
Little BlaineWizard and Glass
LittlefieldThe Talisman
Littlefield, CarlGray Matter
Littlefield, CharlotteIt
Livingston, Sergeant MortonSometimes They Come Back
LloydThe Shining
Locher, MayInsomnia
Locke, AlPet Sematary
Loggia, SaulThe Cat from Hell
Loggins, MelissaThe Dead Zone
Lombard, TonyI Know What You Need
LonborgRita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption
LongelyThe Dead Zone
Lord of LicoriceThe Library Policeman
Lordi, DonRage
LoriThe Talisman
Loring, Dr.The Dark Half
Lortz, ArdeliaThe Library Policeman
Lothrop, Ms.Christine
Lothrop, SamThe Stand
Lottmann, DetectiveIt
Loubird, PhillyIt
LouiseThe Glass Floor
LovellI Am the Doorway
Loving, YvonneHearts in Atlantis
Lovinger, DonI Am the Doorway
Lowe, ChadIt
Lowe, Reverend LesterCycle of the Werewolf
Lowe, SamuelRose Madder
LowenthalSurvivor Type
Lu, SingHearts in Atlantis
Lublin, Mr.Carrie
Lublin, Mrs.Carrie
LucasThe Stand
Ludlow, AnsonPet Sematary
LukeyThe Library Policeman
Lumley, FrancieOne for the Road
Lumley, GerardOne for the Road
Lumley, JaneyOne for the Road
Luponet, GeraldCarrie
Lushan, Ch'anDesperation
Lushan, ShihDesperation
LusterThe Wastelands
LusterWizard and Glass