Cable, DickyRage
Cabot, LeighChristine
Cabron, Mr. PeterPet Sematary
Cabron, Mrs. PeterPet Sematary
Caide, BradleyThe Stand
Caide, Mrs.The Stand
CainCain Rose Up
Calabrese, JosephThe Regulators
Calabrese, RoxanneThe Regulators
Calderwood, FloydIt
Calhoun, Mr.Jerusalem's Lot
Calhoun, MyraHearts in Atlantis
Callaghee, Mrs.Thinner
Callahan, BarkieWizard and Glass
Callahan, Father Donald'Salem's Lot
Callahan, JohnnyRita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption
Callahan, VinCujo
Callan, MarieInsomnia
CalleyThe Stand
Calloway, JeanRoadwork
Calloway, LesterRoadwork
CamHearts in Atlantis
Camber, BrettCujo
Camber, CharityCujo
Camber, JoeCujo
Camber, JoeMrs. Todd's Shortcut
Camber, JoeGramma
Camber, JoeThe Sun Dog
Campanari, FreddyThe Stand
Campbell, Mrs.Home Delivery
Campbell, OrrinHome Delivery
Campion, Brad'Salem's Lot
Campion, Charles D.The Stand
Campion, LavonThe Stand
Campion, SallyThe Stand
Candy, GeorgeThe Library Policeman
Canley, Dr. FrankMisery
Cantor, EddieCarrie
Captain, TheBeachworld
Carbury, Dr.Hearts in Atlantis
Carden, RobertThe Breathing Method
Carella, SteveThe Stand
CarlThe Library Policeman
Carl, UnclePet Sematary
CarlaPet Sematary
Carlene, AuntThe Stand
Carlin, Mr.The Reaper's Image
Carlisle, KittyRoadwork
Carlson, JohnRage
CarmichaelGraveyard Shift
Carmichael, HenryThe Stand
Carmichael, IanMisery
Carmichael, ThomasMisery
Carmody, Mrs.The Mist
Carmody, RachelThe Stand
CarolynThe Long Walk
Caron, JohnDolores Claiborne
Caron, MelissaDolores Claiborne
Caron, PaulThe Stand
Caron, PhiloDolores Claiborne
Caron, TanyaDolores Claiborne
Carpenter, JuliaThe Crate
Carrick, BruceThe Dead Zone
Carrington, ButrchIt
Carroll, TomThe Dark Half
Carrow, MonicaApt Pupil
Carruthers, AimeeChristine
Carsleigh, LenThe Stand
CarsonThe Jaunt
Carson, AlbertIt
Carstairs, GregSecret Window, Secret Garden
Carstairs, Mrs.Secret Window, Secret Garden
Carter, DannyStud City
Carune, VictorThe Jaunt
Carver, DavidDesperation
Carver, DavidThe Regulators
Carver, Ellen MargaretThe Regulators
Carver, EllieDesperation
Carver, Kirsten (Pie)Desperation
Carver, MissusWeeds
Carver, RalphDesperation
Carver, RalphThe Regulators
CaryleThe Plant
CaseyThe Dead Zone
CaseyThe Talisman
Casey, Mrs.It
Caskin, NancyRage
Casner, PresidentStrawberry Spring
Cassidy, TomThe Talisman
Castellano, FionaApt Pupil
Castinguay, Mrs.Rage
Castinguay, SamRage
Castleman, DeliaIt
CastnerThe Gunslinger
Castner, Mrs.The Gunslinger
Castonguay, SimoneInsomnia
Castonmeyer, JackThe Lawnmover Man
Castonmeyer, LenoreThey're Creeping Up On You
Castonmeyer, NormanThey're Creeping Up On You
Castonmeyer, RichThe Lawnmover Man
CathyThe Stand
Catlett, SheriffThe Green Mile
Caudy, PatrickIt
Cavella, SteveThe Body
Cerman, GailStrawberry Spring
Chacowicz, SamIt
Chaffee, EmoryThe Sun Dog
Chalker, AllenThinner
Chalmers, EvelynCujo
Chalmers, EvvieThe Sun Dog
Chalmers, HenryRoadwork
Chalmers, Mrs.The Body
Chalmers, PollyThe Dark Half
Chalmers, PollyThe Sun Dog
Chambers, ChrisThe Body
Chambers, ElmerThe Wastelands
Chambers, ElmerWizard and Glass
Chambers, EyeballThe Body
Chambers, FrankThe Body
Chambers, JakeThe Gunslinger
Chambers, JakeThe Drawing of the Three
Chambers, JakeThe Wastelands
Chambers, JakeWizard and Glass
Chambers, LaurieThe Wastelands
Chambers, MeganWizard and Glass
Chambers, Mr.The Gunslinger
Chambers, Mrs.The Gunslinger
Chambers, RandyApt Pupil
Chamblis, William A.Carrie
Champion, PattySecret Window, Secret Garden
Chang, LoretteThe Talisman
Chapin, FayeInsomnia
Charbonneau, MargueriteThe Revenge of Lard Ass Hogan
Charbonneau, MayorThe Revenge of Lard Ass Hogan
CharlesHere There Be Tygers
CharlieThe Gunslinger
CharlieThe Wedding Gig
Charlton, Mary TheresaHearts in Atlantis
Charlton, Miss JoanPet Sematary
Chas. FreebornThe Little Sisters of Eluria
Chasse, HaroldInsomnia
Chasse, JanetInsomnia
Chasse, LoisInsomnia
Chasse, Mr.Insomnia
Chastain, MiseryMisery
Chatsworth, ChuckThe Dead Zone
Chatsworth, RogerThe Dead Zone
Chatsworth, ShelleyThe Dead Zone
Chatterton, OfficerThe Dark Half
Cherinikou, Mrs.The Mangler
Cherney, PeteInsomnia
ChesterRita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption
Chetwynd, Mrs.The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon
Cheyney, Detective RichardThe Reploids
Child, FrankThe Reach
ChildressThe Dead Zone
Childress, MikeThe Stand
Chiles, DelbertThe Tommyknockers
Chizmar, GeorgeCarrie
Chopper'Salem's Lot
ChopperThe Body
ChrisThe Stand
ChristopherThe Stand
ChristopherThe Green Mile
Chug-chugThe Shining
Chumm, DudleyThe Stand
ChurchPet Sematary
CindyHearts in Atlantis
CinqueThe Stand
Claggert, SamuelThe Reaper's Image
Claiborne, DoloresDolores Claiborne
Claiborne, PatriciaDolores Claiborne
Clapham, Mrs.The Mist
Clarendon, FaithThe Tommyknockers
Clarendon, PaulThe Tommyknockers
ClariceThe Dead Zone
ClariceDolores Claiborne
Clark, CalvinIt
Clark, CarltonIt
Clark, cissyIt
Clark, TillmanThe Green Mile
Clarkson, Dr.The Body
Clary, Mr.Jerusalem's Lot
ClaudetteThe Sun Dog
Claughtsworth, BillThe Tommyknockers
Clawson, FrederickThe Dark Half
Clawson, RuthChildren of the Corn
Clawson, SandraChildren of the Corn
Clawson, StuartThe Dead Zone
Clay, DeanThe Dead Zone
Claypool, FrankWizard and Glass
Clements, ArnoldThe Drawing of the Three
Clements, GeorgeThe Dead Zone
Clements, JustinThe Drawing of the Three
Clements, MatthewIt
Clements, mr.It
Clements, Mrs.It
Clemson, RalphHearts in Atlantis
Cleveland, BillPet Sematary
Cleveland, JackThe Stand
Cleveland, Mrs.Pet Sematary
Clewson, AndreaSquad D
Clewson, BillySquad D
Clewson, DaleSquad D
Cloris, Mr.Jerusalem's Lot
Clutterback, AndyThe Dark Half
Clutterbuck, AndyThe Sun Dog
Cobb, Mr.Gerald's Game
Cobham, BillFirestarter
Cochran, SadieCarrie
Cocker, AndyRoadwork
Cody, Jimmy'Salem's Lot
Coe, TuckerThe Dark Half
Coffey, JohnThe Green Mile
Coggins, Mr. Fiona'Salem's Lot
Cohen, MayorInsomnia
Cohen, WilliamThe Dead Zone
Cole, Mrs.It
Coleman, Gary'Salem's Lot
Collette, DanaRage
Collins, WilkieThe Long Walk
Collinses, TheCycle of the Werewolf
Colson, BradleyThe Tommyknockers
Colson, StephanieThe Tommyknockers
Colter, ReggieThe Long Walk
Coltsmore, Reverend FreddyThe Dead Zone
Condon, DocWeeds
Conklin, CalIt
Conklin, JoeIt
Conklin, RodneyThe Shining
Conley, OfficerIt
Conlon, Mrs.Hearts in Atlantis
Connelly, ElaineThe Green Mile
Connors, BertieGray Matter
Conover, AllisonThe Dead Zone
Conroy, DeweyIt
Conroy, Dr.Hearts in Atlantis
Conroy, JaniceThe Regulators
Constable, LaurieThe Stand
Constantine, Mr.The Sun Dog
Constantine, StephanieThe Dead Zone
ConsuelaThe Stand
Conveigh, BenThe Stand
Conveigh, GeorgeThe Stand
Cooder, AlbionThe Tommyknockers
Cooder, GeorgeThe Tommyknockers
Cooder, HiramThe Tommyknockers
Coogan, Miss'Salem's Lot
Cook, BruceFirestarter
Cook, PopHome Delivery
Cooley, PatrolmanThe Lawnmover Man
CopperheadThe Wastelands
CoraHearts in Atlantis
Cora, AuntFirestarter
Corbitt, SandraWizard and Glass
Corbridge, EstoniaMrs. Todd's Shortcut
Corcoran, DorseyIt
Corcoran, Edward L.It
Corcoran, JohnWizard and Glass
Cordelia, AuntWizard and Glass
CoreyNight Surf
Corey, Mrs.Sometimes They Come Back
Corey, VincentSometimes They Come Back
CorinneThe Tommyknockers
Corliss, Aggie'Salem's Lot
Corliss, AldenCycle of the Werewolf
Corliss, ClydeCycle of the Werewolf
Corliss, ErrolCycle of the Werewolf
Corliss, PaulIt Grows on You
Cormier, BobThe Revenge of Lard Ass Hogan
Cornell, AmbroseThe Mist
Correzente, NormaMan With a Belly
Correzente, VittorioMan With a Belly
Corrigan, CarelessMisery
Corson, DuaneGerald's Game
Corson, Sheldon'Salem's Lot
CortThe Gunslinger
CortThe Wastelands
CortWizard and Glass
CortThe Little Sisters of Eluria
CoryI Am the Doorway
Coslaw, BettyPet Sematary
Coslaw, DianeLunch at the Gotham Cafe
Coslaw, GrandfatherCycle of the Werewolf
Coslaw, HermanCycle of the Werewolf
Coslaw, KateCycle of the Werewolf
Coslaw, MartyCycle of the Werewolf
Coslaw, Mrs.Cycle of the Werewolf
Cote, Mrs.The Body
Cote, Robert AlanRita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption
Cottrell, HowardThe Shining
Coughlin, FatherInsomnia
Coughlin, Mr.Hearts in Atlantis
Coulson, Mr.Rage
Cousins, MillRainy Season
Covall, SteveIt
Cowan, FrederickIt
Cowan, MaureenCarrie
Cowan, Mrs.It
Cowan, RichardIt
Cowles, BobbyThe Running Man
Cowles, MaryThe Running Man
Cowley, MiriamThe Dark Half
Cowley, Mr.The Dark Half
Cowley, RickThe Dark Half
Cox, DaleInsomnia
Coy, AlvinIt Grows on You
Craddock, WillyThe Stand
Crager, BobbyQuitters, Inc.
Crager, JackThe Running Man
Crager, MelCarrie
Craig, CherylNona
Craig, ReverendIt
Craig, Weasel'Salem's Lot
Crandall, JudsonPet Sematary
Crandall, NormaPet Sematary
Crandall, PetePet Sematary
Crane, HughThe Tommyknockers
Crane, JohnnyHome Delivery
Crane, SirThe Tommyknockers
Cranthorpe, Mr.Misery
Craslow, MiltonThe Stand
Crater, JudgeThe Reaper's Image
Cratzchbarken, MortonCarrie
CrayThe Green Mile
Creed, EileenPet Sematary
Creed, GagePet Sematary
Creed, GageInsomnia
Creed, LouisPet Sematary
Creed, RachelPet Sematary
Creed, RuthiePet Sematary
Creekmore, HerbSecret Window, Secret Garden
Creighton, LenThe Stand
Crenshaw, GalenThe Tommyknockers
Crenshaw, Mrs.The Tommyknockers
CressnerThe Ledge
Cressner, MarciaThe Ledge
CreswellI Am the Doorway
Crewes, MyraCarrie
Cribus, HomerThe Green Mile
Criss, VictorIt
Crockett, Lawrence'Salem's Lot
Crockett, Ruthie'Salem's Lot
Crommert, Mr.The Shining
Crookbows, AnnaThe Eyes of the Dragon
Crosby, DarrenThe Langoliers
Cross, Mr.The Stand
Cross, Mrs.The Stand
Cross, NadineThe Stand
Cross, SandraRage
Crossen, MargaretSuffer the Little Children
Crossen, Milt'Salem's Lot
Crosskill, RichardThinner
Crowell, EmoryThe Tommyknockers
Crowell, RayCujo
Crowley, LesterThe Stand
Croyden, JohnWizard and Glass
Crumley, Mr.It
Crumley, VicIt
CujoThe Body
CujoThe Sun Dog
Cullen, DonThe Stand
Cullen, Mrs.The Stand
Cullen, TomThe Stand
Culligan, AmosThe Monkey
Cullum, ArleneThe Tommyknockers
Cullum, DelbertThe Tommyknockers
Cullum, JimmyIt
Cullum, MaggieThe Tommyknockers
Cullum, Mrs.Dolores Claiborne
Culpepper, FeliciaThe Library Policeman
Cummings, RonThe Tommyknockers
Cunningham, ArnieChristine
Cunningham, HatchThe Stand
Cunningham, LenaFirestarter
Cunningham, MichaelChristine
Cunningham, ReginaChristine
Cunningham, SamFirestarter
Curless, DickThe Talisman
Curless, Rhoda'Salem's Lot
CurleyThe Long Walk
Curran, MarshaStrawberry Spring
CurryThe Running Man
Curry, AlThe Reach
Curry, EltonThe Dead Zone
Curry, Jamie deThe Wastelands
Curtie, ElmerIt
Curtis, TonyIt
Cushman, BillHearts in Atlantis
CuthbertThe Gunslinger
CuthbertThe Drawing of the Three
CuthbertThe Wastelands
CuthbertThe Little Sisters of Eluria